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New mysteries await some of the unexpected kind. 

Fans of Watson Manor are in for a treat. The third novel in the series is filled with thrills and unexpected turn of events. Many of the characters introduced in the first and second books make their return in the third in the series, Watson Manor Investigations.

My two favourite sleuths, Charlie and Jenny Watson are busier than ever. Not only are they running their B&B, but also have now opened their own agency, Watson Manor Investigations.  

Watson Manor Investigations jumps right into another great mystery that leaves readers eager to turn the pages. Charlie and Jenny begin their search for a missing woman, a reporter for the Marina Press newspaper. It isn’t long before they find themselves entwined in a full-blown investigation, one that leads to many unanswered questions they must dig deeper to solve.

Another mystery looms closer by, one that will affect the lives of both Charlie and Jenny. Charlie meets a woman from his past, and must face their unresolved issues. He finds himself awakened to suppressed emotions that lay dormant and pushed aside. Decisions he makes will forever affect the future of his relationship with Jenny and their daughter, Madison.

Watson Manor Investigations kicks off to a rapid start and doesn’t slow down until the very end.

This third installment in the series of Watson Manor continues to escalate. Old favourites return, and new characters adding layers to the growing extended family.

 Rosalyne Bowmile

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Jenny Stevens is a dedicated teacher with a passion for nurturing young hearts and minds in a small town middle school.  She is caring, trusting and open to the world.  Too trusting, it turns out, as she is ultimately forced to leaving the teaching job she loves in order to escape an increasingly abusive boyfriend who won’t respect a restraining order.  Her trust shattered, she engineers a tenuous flight out of state.

Charlie Watson ("CW") is an enigma to strangers, but an open book to his few dear friends. Honest to a fault, ruggedly handsome and tough as nails on the outside, Charlie hides a deeply wounded heart.  Seven years into a bitter divorce, he has made a lifestyle escaping behind endless hours as a long-haul trucker, and copious one night stands – which leave him in an empty, quiet desperation.

But Fate ultimately draws these two battered souls together until try as they may, they cannot remain apart.  At first they rediscover their sense of humor, and then slowly, haltingly, their trust in true human kindness.  Love almost does not come to pass, but they soon realize they are truly soulmates whose 1 plus 1 ads up to much more than 2.

 Their journey is not easy or straight.  Along the way, Charlie is forced to deal with the abusive ex-boyfriend, and makes short work of him.  But the challenges do not end there.  On the way to establish their new life at ‘Watson Manor’ fate keeps dealing them new cards.  Through a series of chance events and encounters, Jenny and Charlie are led on a new life of adventure and service rescuing souls in trouble and re-uniting families before they can even think of forming their own.

The deliciously complicated plot will have you alternately puzzled and perched on the edge of your seat.  It is filled with good guys and bad guys (and gals) and characters who muddle in the middle.  In the end Charlie and Jenny come to truly know whose side they are on – each other’s.

If you like a good romantic mystery, you will love and devour this book from cover to cover and be chomping at the bit for Ron Craig's sequel, Watson Manor Unfolding, soon to come!

 Alex Smith

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Life places many obstacles in our way, forcing us to make choices of one direction or another.  

Watson Manor Eventually is the story of growth, new beginnings and self-discoveries. 

Charlie Watson, a long-haul driver, enjoys his freedom travelling across the United States. It has been eight years since his marriage has ended, he no longer the trophy his ex-wife expected. After his separation, Charlie has picked up the pieces and rebuilt his life, but not without being unscathed.  He now lives behind the protective guise of invisible armor, keeping people at arm’s length.    

What he doesn’t expect is to meet Jenny, a woman who is genuine, oozes warmth and compassion. Leaving Arkansas together, Charlie has no expectations as he leads her across the country to Palm Springs California. On the journey, they encounter obstacles and challenges that test their inner strength and courage. Charlie faces new emotions he’s suppressed for many years.  Jenny’s fun and open personality, seeps through his armor into his every thought.    

Arriving in Palm Springs their lives have forever changed as feelings for one another blossom into love. 

Watson Manor, a bed and breakfast, becomes the foundation of a new life for Charlie and Jenny. During the early stages of construction, Charlie and Jenny find themselves in a precarious position of amateur sleuths. With passion and conviction, they set out together to find answers, and in turn help others. 

 Watson Manor Eventually is a story rich in character. Within the first pages, you’ll find yourself drawn to Charlie and Jenny and feel like they are lifetime friends. Ron Craig has shared with the reader’s real people in his characters, ones who have faced hardship in life, struggles and obstacles. Together Charlie and Jenny share a journey of exploration, self-discovery and finding the true meaning of unconditional love. 

Watson Manor Eventually is the story of love, challenges and mystery.  This is a novel rich in character, the driving force behind the story.  Let Charlie and Jenny pull you into their world of unconditional love.


Rosalyne Bowmile


I just wanted to share some GREAT news… my friend, Ron Craig, the architect, contractor and builder of my Master Suite remodel, is now an author and has just released is first novel!!!

I had the pleasure, of course through connections, of getting an advanced copy of the book, and was ABSOLUTELY hooked. I do not consider myself a reader, but every once in awhile I get hooked, and this book was definitely one that hooked me… seriously, I couldn’t put it down.

 Please share this with your friends too, as I would love to see Ron become the next J.K. Rowlings, in book sales.





Hi Ron,
After a couple of days of not having time for myself, I finished reading Watson Manor Eventually last night. I read a lot in bed to help me get to sleep and the mark of a good book is that it keeps me up half the night to finish it. Watson Manor Eventually is a GOOD book. Charlie and Jenny both have a great sense of humor and a genuine kindness of heart. They have such a refreshing love after their journey to discover each other.  And what a ride that was! 

The twist and turns they encountered after I got to Chapter 15 were genius. (I think I'll quit trying to be Nancy Drew too early in a book. I have a bad habit of that. But then I love the surprises when I'm wrong, which is most of the time.) Compassion, empathy and tenaciousness was so evident in finding Hope/Cindy. But the story goes on. The way you threw the wrench in at the end was inspiring and totally out of left field. Loved it. 

Charlie and Jenny Watson will be the new Nick and Nora Charles.

What a wonderful storyteller you are Ron Craig. I look forward to adding you to my list of authors I love when Watson Manor is built, Charlie and Jenny's love grows, and they are drawn to new adventures. 


North Country News (link Pg 5)